Means for clarification: choose the best clarifier for hair

Want to become a blonde, but don't know where to start? Of course, with the choice of means for clarification. The main task of electrifier is to eliminate the natural pigment (melanin). Masters in a beauty salon use compounds with the addition of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia for this. Such brighteners are highly aggressive, therefore, special knowledge in the procedure is extremely important. For more in-depth ideas, go here: Best Bleach for Dark Hair

For lovers of independent "creativity", cosmetic companies have created gentle formulations for lightening: ammonia-free paints,special brightening shampoos, creams, masks. With them, there is little chance of burning hair, but it will also not be possible to radically change the color of hair.

Note that it may take a lot of time to lighten strands,especially for owners of dark hair. For brunettes, brown-haired women, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the procedure: Which paint to lighten dark hair: the secrets of choosing a brightening paint.

Now we’ll determine how much the new image costs. Professional clarification in a beauty salon will cost around 1,500 rubles. The price of the service is affected by the length, structure of curls, the initial tone of hair. Those who decide to carry out the procedure at home, turning into blonde will be cheaper, you need to invest in buying a good clarifies and the necessary equipment (brushes, combs, bowls).

Radical remedies

Strong ammonia paints, pastes and powders. Such agents guarantee a pronounced effect (3–8 levels of clarification) after the first application, because they affect the structure of curls through particles of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Aggressive components cause significant damage to strands in violation of the dyeing technique, therefore, to a greater extent,such products are intended for professional use.

Gentle compounds

Lightening masks, creams, ammonia-free paints, sprays. Differ in more soft, safe action. They do not contain aggressive components an dare filled with plant extracts, oils. The result of the procedure is insignificant, only 1-2 levels. Such products are ideal for home transformation. Following the recommendations of the manufacturer, you will undoubtedly succeed.

Toning after lightening

Toning is an integral part of lightening curls, so future blondes will be very familiar with the procedure. After bleaching, the hair shaft consists of voids and molecules of destroyed melanin, it is fragile,weakened in front of external factors (ultraviolet, cold). Outwardly, it looks no less sad: the clarified strands acquire a warm shade from light yellow tired (this depends on the initial color of the hair). Fill the resulting voids,give tones the desired shade tinting agents will help. They do not affect the structure of the hair, they only envelop, strengthen it from the outside, they're inexpensive and have a large assortment of shades.